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About KAUST Insight

We bring you the KAUST Insight website and annual magazine to tell you the stories behind KAUST research discoveries.

The articles in KAUST Insight are selected for their potential to convey key messages behind KAUST research, such as how KAUST is addressing global challenges, answering fundamental research questions and providing high-caliber education. Many of the articles are testament to how the university’s world-class research infrastructure enables our researchers to perform their high-quality research.

KAUST Insight strives to represent the articles behind all areas of research at KAUST; our current research focus areas — Smart Health, Climate Change and Livability, AI and Advanced Computing, Semiconductors, Sustainable Energy, The Red Sea and Nonmetallic Materials — serve as a helpful roadmap for article selection.

In addition, many of our articles align with one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. You will notice that we celebrate this alignment by labeling our stories with the appropriate tags.

If you enjoy learning about the passion and motivation that inspires KAUST research, then we believe that you will enjoy reading KAUST Insight. To receive our bi-weekly email notifications, click “sign up” and provide your email address.

The KAUST Research Communication Team

KAUST Insight is published with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) by the Partnership and Custom Media Unit of Nature Research, part of Springer Nature.